Housing Haringey’s people

Haringey Council has launched an ambitious home building programme.  For many of those in greatest need, a council home offers their only real chance of putting down roots in Haringey. Over the next decade, we aim to complete over 3,000 new quality homes.

Building and retaining wealth in our community

We want Haringey to have a fairer, greener economy that builds on local creativity to unlock and harness the strengths of our residents and businesses.​ To do this we need to support our residents to find good work and create the right conditions for small and medium-sized businesses to thrive.

Every public pound we spend must be for the good of the many. This means buying local goods and services to keep wealth local.

We set an example as a good employer too. Everyone is paid the London Living Wage as a minimum to do a meaningful job with fair conditions. Each of our teams plays a key role in changing Haringey for the better:

Capital Projects and Property

We deliver all of the Council’s capital projects, apart from Highways, IT and Housing. It’s our job to manage the Council’s commercial property portfolio. This includes an Asset Management plan to make the most of it, as well as all overseeing all property and land disposals and acquisitions. We also make sure Borough Plan Priorities are met and and the Council has the fit-for-purpose properties that are essential to offering a better service that costs less. 

From Strategic Property and facilities management for the Council’s corporate and schools estate to Organisational Resilience, like Health & Safety and Emergency Planning, our service is broad and challenging.

Planning, Building, Standards and Sustainability

If it involves an ambitious plan for the borough, it involves us. Infrastructure. Planning. Building Control. Transport Planning. Carbon Management. Sustainability. Land Charges. Street Naming. We’re delivering the New Local Plan initiative and the Climate Change Action Plan with a zero carbon target by 2041. The Transport Strategy, School Streets Action Plan, Air Quality Action Plan and our Walking and Cycling Action Plan are all our responsibility.

As one of the UK’s top-performing planning authorities, we also have high standards for sustainability, design and heritage-led regeneration and significant major development in Tottenham and Wood Green.


We oversee Haringey’s housing strategy and programme. This includes all new council housing for our residents and involves working collaboratively with colleagues and outside partners. It’s about getting the best from a range of stakeholders from housing providers, government agencies, landowners and developers so we can give the most to local communities and businesses.

Our goal is the best possible services.  Reaching it means opportunities for everyone in the borough and housing that makes sense with Council’s wider priorities. It also means making our voice heard in public policy and decision-making on keys issues, such as development and strategy.

Placemaking and Economic Development

Placemaking in Haringey is about shaping places that empower all our residents, from young to old, to have real influence over changes to their local area, celebrate the rich heritage of our diverse communities and help local businesses to thrive.

Alongside our placemaking programme, we are striving to create an inclusive economy that will enable residents, businesses and the community to benefit from, and contribute to, local economic success and prosperity.

From dedicated business support, improving our town centres and high streets, securing investment into local infrastructure, creating employment spaces for businesses to start and grow, to up-skilling our residents and good work opportunities, we are working hard to make sure Haringey is a place of opportunity for all.


  • Commercial Digital Services
  • Education
  • Engineering & Surveying
  • Executive Governance
  • Health & Safety
  • Housing, Planning & Regeneration Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Project Management.

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