Strategy, Delivery and Communications

We work at the very heart of the council. Our focus is on strategic policy development, corporate communications, data and insight, transformation and change, performance management and political support. It’s our job to deliver Haringey’s corporate priorities and tell the success stories of progress we’ve made, both internally and externally to create a close relationship between us and residents. Our services cover:

  • Communications
  • Policy
  • Leader’s Office
  • Chief Executive’s Office
  • Programmes and Transformation
  • Performance and Business Intelligence.


People matter. The people who live here deserve the best services. Which means we look for the best people to work. This needs a plan and we have one. It’s called the Workforce Development Strategy. This tells us everything we need to know about finding he best people. When we find them, it tells us how we can invest in them to make them better people, so we keep them and their talent at the heart of the Council and our services just the way we like them – at their very best.

It’s a big job and an important one too. We work on strategy with senior stakeholders from across the Council. Day to day, we’re led by our Chief People Officer and offer services which include:

  • Talent and resourcing – recruitment, learning and development and apprenticeships
  • Employment, Transformation and Reward – HR policy and employee relations
  • HR support services – Recruitment compliance, DBS, payroll, data & management information
  • School’s HR

Digital Services

Technology can help us improve services in all kinds of ways. That’s our job in Digital Services. We help the technology be more helpful. To everyone. Whether it’s the people who live here, work here or do business here. We come up with the plans and ideas that make the most of technology so they can thrive. Our services include:

  • Portfolio Management which helps the Council with Project and Programme Management, Business Analysis and Transformation 
  • Business Liaison Services to support applications and provide business relationship and service desk facilities
  • Technology Services gives us leading-edge capabilities covering areas such as desktop solutions, data centre solutions and networking facilities.

Legal and Governance

We make sure Haringey runs better with good decision-making and the best possible outcomes within the rule of law. Teams here include democratic and committee services, complaints and compliments, equality and diversity, fraud and corruption, freedom of information, legal services, member enquiries, registrar’s office.

Under the Equality Act (2010) Our Public Sector Equality Duty under the Equality Act (2010) means it’s our job to eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and anything else prohibited under the Act. Making sure everyone has equality of opportunity and fostering good relations amongst them is also down to us. Services include:

  • Administration & Clerical 
  • Electoral Services 
  • Executive 
  • Governance 
  • Legal 
  • Management

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