From Direct Services and Housing, Planning & Regeneration to Stronger and Safer Communities, Strategic Procurement and Place, we’re here to do as much as we can to make Haringey a better place to be. That means creating stronger communities made up of people who want to be their best and do their best.

We’ve always been vibrant and culturally diverse, even by London standards. It’s our job to keep things that way by building homes so people can put down roots and a borough that we can all be proud of.

Service Areas

Direct Services

Direct Services covers everything from Highways, Parking and Parks to Leisure and Operational Facilities Management. These services are already modern and dynamic. Now we need people who can take us to the next level. This will enable us to bring in house more services that are currently delivered by the private sector. We’re increasing investment in this area to make Haringey an even better place to live. Right now, we’re focusing on meeting the needs of our residents through a more efficient road network, exceptionally well-run parks and open spaces and a high-quality leisure offer.

Stronger and Safer Communities

We’ve made a pledge to address key priorities such as affordable social housing, regeneration and community safety head-on. This involves delivering a £1-billion investment programme to ensure our borough remains a clean, safe, strong and vibrant place to live and work. We cover areas of Community Safety, Regulatory Services and Enforcement & Waste Teams and are constantly finding ways to improve services for our diverse community groups. We’re determined to make Haringey a safer, cleaner and more supportive borough for our residents.


We’re recognised as one of the leading procurement teams across London. With a budget of around £400m each year, we spend it on keeping Haringey at the forefront of innovation and community wealth building. This involves managing the largest portfolio of Dynamic Purchasing Systems in local government with over £100m of expenditure each year, 92% of which is with SMEs. Haringey also hosts the London Construction Programme (LCP) which is managed within Strategic Procurement. The LCP currently has £10bn of construction-related contract vehicles accessed by over 40 public sector partners across London and the Home Counties.

It’s our job to deliver best value for residents. This means working with colleagues across the council, with our partners in the wider public sector and with our supply chains to deliver innovative solutions and sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits. We’re a dynamic, diverse team with a wide range of experience across various sectors. Our Grow Your Own programme puts learning and innovation at the heart of what we do and helps us create a new generation of procurement officers who can act as valuable commercial advisors.


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  • Environment & Neighbourhoods 
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