Corporate Delivery Plan

The Corporate Delivery Plan 2023/2024 (CDP) sets out how we will go about building a fairer, greener borough between January 2023 and April 2024.

The Haringey Deal and the Corporate Delivery Plan

The Corporate Delivery Plan is a vital part of delivering on the commitments set out in the Haringey Deal. The Haringey Deal makes a commitment to both designing council services and developing a different relationship with you.

What is in the Corporate Delivery Plan

The plan includes:

– What we are trying to achieve
– How and when we will deliver it

The plan covers 8 themes:

– Resident experience and working together
– Responding to the climate emergency
– Children and young people
– Adults, health and welfare
– Homes for the future
– A safer Haringey
– Culturally rich borough
– Place and economy

The Corporate Delivery Plan 2023 to 2024 (PDF, 96 page(s), 3.9 MB

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